Services Offered

As a general medical Ophthalmologist, Dr. Miller offers treatment for all diseases of the eye, including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  She performs no-stitch cataract surgery, and laser treatment for lesions, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

Her offices are equipped with multiple medical lasers, including SLT, Yag, and Argon lasers.  She has the latest equipment for medical imaging of the inside of the eye, including the HRT imaging system.  Dr. Miller treats patients of all ages, from children just old enough to read letters.  Both offices are equipped with examination chairs designed to accommodate patients using wheel chairs. 

Dr. Miller’s offices both include Optical Shops with extensive collections of designer frames – she often takes a personal role in the selection of styles.  Her Optician is highly experienced in the fitting of contact lenses of all types, and he works interactively with the doctor to insure that each prescription is filled accurately and in accordance with the lifestyle and occupational needs of the patient. 

The primary emphasis of Dr. Miller’s practice is the medical and surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the eyes.  Routine healthy-eye exams are a fundamental part of her program for maintaining healthy eyes and good vision.  In addition, her background as an orbital surgeon gained while practicing medicine in Moscow led to her expertise in Blepharoplasty surgery – the surgical removal of excessive tissue of the upper and lower eyelids.  The accumulation of tissue sometimes leads to a reduction in the field of vision.  Blepharoplasty expands the field of vision, while at the same time restoring a youthful appearance.  When Blepharoplasty can be shown to increase the field of vision, it is paid for by most medical insurance programs, although it is often justified for cosmetic purposes alone.

Cosmetic eye surgery is augmented by providing Botox and Juvederm treatments.  The wide assortment of designer eyewear for her Optical Shops contributes to the cosmetic aspect of her practice.  Taken together, her offerings of Blepharoplasty, Botox, Juvederm, and attractive frames, help you to Look Good – while her primary emphasis on preventive and corrective medical treatment concentrates on the See Well aspect of her practice.  She offers a complete service for the health and attractiveness of your eyes. 

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